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Zelyonaya Tochka actively cooperates with leading foreign companies from such countries as Belgium, Germany, Czech Republic, Holland, Poland and Japan that are engaged in ornamental plants growing and breeding. At present, the high-technology methods of plant growing are in the process of implementation in single forestries of the regions of Russia.

For example, we purchase all the plant material in the leading European nurseries only, and the nurseries are located in the climatic zones which climatic characteristic is the most similar to the climatic conditions of Russia.

Our professionals thoroughly study the whole range of plants that could favourably vary the domestic flora, and, at the same time, feel comfortable under severe winter conditions acclimatizing easily.

The choice of quality foreign plant material implies certain conditions of its keeping and completing of the plant growing in the nursery, so, our cooperation with the oldest European nurseries makes it possible for us. Our dendrologists and agronomists successfully make use of the foreign specialists’ experience for the purpose of practice in our nursery. And application of the special agricultural techniques and methods allows organize the nursery work most efficiently.

Our specialists acquire the necessary knowledge in the area of dendrology, phytopathology and agricultural techniques and methods at the various seminars, specialized exhibitions and forums that are hold both in the territory of Russia and beyond Russia.

In order to study the art of creation of the Japanese gardens that became so popular in Russia recently, our Company’s representatives visited Japan and take master class given by the recognized masters of Japanese landscape design. Continuous study and experience acquisition in various branches of activity from the leading landscaping companies allows us to enhance our technical capabilities and improve the very process of doing business.

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