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English fantasy in the Moscow Area. The Chelsea Landscape Garden Co’s architects were entrusted with a task to design the modern English garden that could join the ambient landscape with the house architecture. This task was solved in the classical style using symmetry as its main feature. The project balance arouses a sensation of equilibrium creating a contrast with the forest that grows around.

Almost all of the trees existing within the site now, are not touched. So, the birches growing now, will be a small grove at the main lawn.

The garden and the space in front of the house are arranged in such a manner that an impression of the country estate will be created. The façade seems to be larger and looks like country estate. When the guests drive up to the porch steps going up to the entrance in a semicircle manner, they feel that the house is open and hospitable. The parking place increases also. Mitre gates are installed in the entrance and in the exit. The garden is seen through the fence grill. The garage dimensions allow to keep there garden tools and equipment. The classical location of the approach road enables to use water in order to focus the garden spaces. This narrow water channel may be just reflective silver surface in the daytime, or be a playing fountain and light in the evening, thanks to the special devices. European hornbeams are planted along the bank in order to give them the definition. These trees illuminated from beneath acquire the special dramatic architectural properties. Ornamental grass and bulbous flowers planted with it, moderate the lines severity and disperse the light.

The surface of the approach to the main door, is made from special material, gravel with rubber that is warmed in winter that prevents the snow accumulation. The main road leads through the garden is paved with the plates made of light granite or natural stone; coulisse made of the formed trees growing through the gravel are stood along it. The road edges are emphasized by the light raising from the lanterns hidden below ground; the steps in the garden are illuminated from beneath and it creates more air of mystery, and helps the people that go in the evening, to watch their steps. The terraces in front of the houses façade are decorated with the trees with ornamental figure crown, in the wide, simple, frosted silvery pots.

The Garden is behind the house. The steps go down from the house to the wide terrace spreading almost up to the fence. This creates the space for large parties and routs. The wide steps go to the main lawn surrounded by the trees in a semicircle manner that creates the effect of colonnade around the garden that changes the space perception drawing the attention away from the real fence and и maintaining elegance of the form created by the steps going down to the garden. The new center of the garden is a site located on the hill to which the wide shallow steps lead; this creates elegance and scale. The reservoir serves as a place for meditation and relaxation. When the water surface is calm and smooth, the trees and clouds floating across the sky, can be seen on the reservoir surface. The light summer breeze mixes up with slight ripples the palette of colours and the flowers reflected in the water. Water-jets are located in each corner of the fountain, on a level with the water surface. When they are turned on, the steam illusion is created.

The low granite bench located near the extreme border of the fountain, serves as the center of space; it is comfortable to sit on the bench falling into meditation. The fountain made of stainless steel surrounded with the cubic meters of the hedge, is behind the bench.

The surface behind the reservoir is raised slightly, following the raising of the garden level approaching to the fence. The free space is widely sown with the ornamental grass. Additional flower vases and sculptures created the space concentration points in this no less arranged area of the green plantations. The low evergreen bushes of the hedge give shape to the space occupied with the free-growing grass and flowers.

In some areas, the innocent pine trees and birches smooth the classical regularity of the garden creating the shady canopy in the Moscow Ares summer torrid head.

The special charming occurs in the evening when the trees and steps rows illuminated from beneath, create delicate fuzzy silhouette and mild, soft shadows. In summer, the reservoir lighting decorated in a special manner, fills the reservoir surface with the trees and things standing around and reflected in it. In winter, the long shadows glide along the snowdrifts disappearing in the lanterns light striking through the snow. It all creates magic view from the windows of the house after sunset.

Joint project in association with the Chelsea Landscape Garden

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