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Participation in filming of the “Everybody goes to the garden” programme.

On May 23, 2010, the “Everybody goes to the garden” program went on the air at TVC channel and we participated in the program.

The principle character was Boris Moiseyev.

We created a compact, attractive ornamental garden with various spice and lettuce plants decorated with ornamental flowers. The center of the garden is crowned with fancy columnar apple which fruits may be eaten.

And “the white boudoir” that is the nest in the garden with various perennial plants and bushes blooming in white colours

June 2005

“The Gardens Week 2005” exhibition. “The village patio”

February 2004

In 2004, we made a decision to ensure our landscape works. Having conducted insurance market research, we discovered that this kind of services is not present at all. Having addressed such proposal to several insurance companies we found and met with support and keen interest to this issue at Renaissance Insurance”. And, as a result, the landscaping object insurance program appeared at the insurance market.

We are proud that we became the first Russian company that created such service at the insurance market combining such things as beauty and reliability.

We are glad that almost all insurance companied appreciated our efforts and included landscaping objects insurance in their services package.

February to December 2004

A series of the programs as part of “The Vegetable Life” with Pavel Lobkov was released in association with Zelyonaya Tochka, Ltd. at NTV channel.

The participants of the programs:

- Alyona Apina

- Natasha Korolyova

- Irina Khakamada

- Vladimir Zhirinovsky

- Andron Konchalovsky

- Dmitry Rogozin

June 2004

“The Gardens Week 2004” exhibition. “The Gardens of My Childhood”

Zelyonaya Tochka, Ltd. acted as one of the organizer and was the main sponsor of “The Gardens Week” exhibition that is hold every year in the settlement of Zhukovka on Rublevo-Uspenskoye Highway.

“The Gardens Week” is a chance for creative and outstanding persons to implement and turn into reality their fantasies and dreams.

The idea of the exhibition is in emphasizing the landscape design status as a segment of the market in-demand at present, and drawing the visitors’ attention to the participants of the exhibition. We continue to reconstruct the landscape culture.

Promotion actions

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