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The works to be performed by Zelyonaya Tochka, Ltd. as part of the gated community or townhouse settlement improvement.

1. Rendering consulting services to an investor.

2. Design works.

3. Performance of the works.

1. Rendering consulting services to the investor.

This package of documents is prepared for the investment group in the phase of the investment project calculation and focuses the investor on the cost items related to improvement. Zelyonaya Tochka submits full calculation of the cost items to be incurred in the course of improvement process. The calculation based on the current year prices is submitted in respect of the capital-intensive items, and the price growth dynamics forecast is presented. The price growth dynamics enables the investor to form the costs related to commencement of the works, in a proper manner, because it takes from 18 to 36 months and more, from the moment of investment project calculation to the moment of improvement project implementation.

The optimum style and level of improvement and filling with trees and shrubs correlated with the price category of the settlement houses is determined depending on the settlement category and general building architecture. A number of methods is offered in order to optimize the planting material costs. The plantation review in terms of zoning is presented. The Company has solid long-term relationship and ties with the leading European and domestic nursery.

The information about the loads related to the improvement of private areas as well as public areas that are required to be considered when calculating the settlement water supply constructions and sewage pumping stations, is provided by Zelyonaya Tochka for the purpose of the partner companies’ technical project designs (electrics, utility facilities). Lack of such data leads to miscalculations and, as a consequence, to construction of the systems not supplying the settlement’s needs in full. Based on our work experience in the gated communities it may be stated that, as a rule, increase in capacity occurs by means of the additional expenses and contingency funds that impacts and affects the total profitability of the project in whole.

2. Design works.

The Design works is performed after consulting and discussing the design concept with the investor. The design may be divided into phases. The base structure of the design includes the following development and projects:

• The electrics project.

Roadway lighting.

Calculation of the parameters and quantity of the lighting devices depending on the roadway width, residential development proximity to the roadway and the roadway configuration. Lighting devices arrangement based on the calculations made and calculation of the power consumption.

Curtilage power consumption.

Calculation of the weighted average power consumption per house in connection with the landscape lighting.

Public areas lighting.

Calculation of the power consumption in the playground areas, sports grounds, beach zones and park areas.

Lighting of the forest compartments taken on lease and being the encumbrance.

Calculation of the power consumption and the lighting devices parameters especially for the forest area. The explanatory note in respect of the power supply cable laying considering the environmental inspectorate and forest supervision inspectorate requirements.

• Vegetation layout.

Calculation of the quantity of trees, shrubs, lawn areas. The green plantations arrangement considering the Topographic Survey and Utility Facilities Consolidated Plan. If necessary, design of the water collecting drainage system if the soil slope exceeds the standard values, and joining with the settlement rainwater disposal system. The assortment list of green plantations. For the purpose of the Customer’s convenience, the drawings are presented in plan view and in three-dimensional image. If required, the detailed vegetation layout drawings are presented.

• The green plantations irrigation and watering project.

To be developed subject to the specific character of the settlement.

• The sports areas improvement project.

The sport facilities selection and arrangement depending on their intended use, selection of the required sports flooring etc.

• The playgrounds improvement project.

• The leisure areas, public gardens and park areas improvement project.

Layout drawings, development of necessary options (arbours, reservoirs, fountains, bridges etc.). Construction maps designed to the various types of site paving (except asphalt), selection of materials to be used for this kind of improvement.

• The improvement project in respect of the forest compartments being an encumbrance.

Layout drawings designed to creation of the path networks, bicycle paths, and leisure areas. Arrangement of the leisure areas with required filling. All design works in respect of this item are carried out considering the requirements of the District Environmental Inspectorate.

• Reservoir improvement project.

It is based on the topographic survey and geological study data. Design is carried out depending on the area, environment and intended use.

• Beach zones improvement.

It is based on the topographic survey and geological study data. Design is carried out depending on the area, environment and intended use.

• Technical area improvement. (Gas Distributing Plant, Water Supply Constructions and Sewage Pumping Stations).

3. Performance of the works.

Zelyonaya Tochka carries out in full as follows:

• provision the project with the trees and shrubs, procurement, goring, delivery, planting and guarantee handling.

• performance of the works related to the lawn and guarantee handling.

• procurement and supply of the lighting devices, and placement of the custom orders, if necessary.

• engineering supervision over all kinds of the works contained in the improvement project and performed by the external subcontractors.

• all kinds of the works contained in the improvement project.

• organizing the Service Department aimed at the green plantations handling, for the Management Company or Maintenance Service.

When determining the landscape gardening and improvement stylistics with reference to the settlement architectural style, the estimated cost project in respect of this kind of the works is possible.

The additional documents related to the species composition of the planting material that acclimatizes best under the Moscow Area conditions, are issued. The data are based on the internal statistics for the last eight years.

All the abovementioned calculations are required to be made in the pre-design phase of the investment project. Unfortunately, it is a common, not quite modern opinion that improvement is a narrow-purpose activity related to planting only.

Today, the improvement works mean, in the first place, the engineering and technical preparation of the real estate object’s territory, and only after that planting and lawns arrangement. No less important landscaping aspect is in further maintenance. If the initial design is correct, we help to avoid unnecessary expenses related to the handling of the plants, lawns, power consumptions etc.

Our Company develops the documents necessary for creation of the infrastructure for further landscaping objects maintenance, for the gated communities management companies.

According to the experts’ estimates, landscaping aesthetics and adaptability increase the cost of the country real estate objects from 15% to 40% on average.

The proposal to investors and development companies

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