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Planting of any complexity

It is not hard to plant a tree or bush, but it is not easy to plant it in a proper manner, so that such tree could take roots with the least possible efforts and develop as fast as possible. There are trees which height exceeds 3 meters, and it is not easy to lift such tree and carry it to the pit prepared for planting. And with that the said tree should be planted in a proper manner, evenly without any damage to the plant. There are areas where no handler can drive up and where there is a luxuriant lawn that is desirable to save etc. In such and other complicated situations, our Company renders planting services ensuring the safe state of the plants.

On the other hand, if You want to create a garden but You will leave soon or You are not able to carry out planting Yourselves, our Company will come to Your rescue and carry out the transplanting of Your plants in a proper manner. We may also select and transplant the high-quality plants from our nursery.

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