Обследование и санитарная очистка территории

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Exanimation and sanitary purification of the territory

At the Customer’s will, Zelyonaya Tochka offers pre-examination of the territory. Our specialists will go to the plot where they carefully study the characteristics and features related to the relief, hydrology and local soil and vegetation cover.

As a result, the Customer will be provided with the advisory note specifying the main parameters of the area and recommendations in respect of improvement of the natural situation of the plot. Determination of need of drainage works that is especially important for water-logged and impounded areas, is also included here.

Sanitary purification of the territory are required if there is a neglected garden or forest compartment overgrown with undergrowth, on Your plot, or if there are diseased trees on Your plot and You want to make this place more attractive. Our specialists will help You to do it, and Your overgrown nook of the garden will turn into sound and favourable one.

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