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1. INTERROS Investment Company’s objects:

• Pavlovo gated community (90 hectares) - design and turnkey construction within 5 years.

2. Vasilkovo gated community - design and performance of the works considering the features of the object location that is situated in the forest belt.

3. Lesnoy Gorodok gated community - project development with solution of the complicated questions related to the water disposal and drainage system arrangement at the object.

4. Petrovo-Dalneye townhouses gated community – design and performance of the works – completed.

5. Greenfield gated community – design and implementation.

6. Petrovskaya Slobodade luxe class gated community (29 hectares) – townhouses complex design and improvement, solution of the questions related to cartilage space extension by landscaping tools.

7. Mozaik Development Land Investment Company’s object

• Vysoky Bereg gated community (65 hectares) – complex improvement project, consulting services on the assessment of the gated community improvement value

8. CMI Development’s objects

• Serebryany Bor Sanatorium (6 hectares) – consulting services on the assessment of the object improvement value; determination of the optimum project design considering the object’s intended use.

9. Yazikovo Recreation Center (10 hectares) – pre-design proposals.

10. The City Park, Donetsk Region, Ukraine (6 hectares) – design and improvement.

For the purpose of implementation of this project and at the City authorities’ request, we organized the contractors’ work on-site and carried out travelling engineering supervision at the key points of the works in progress, in the presence of the local authority’s representatives.

11. Rendering consulting services to «Blackwood»

The improvement concept projects is respect of another three gated communities located in the Novorizhskoye Highway direction, are under development.

The gated community. Working with developmentе companies

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