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In 2004, we made a decision to ensure our landscape works. Having conducted insurance market research, we discovered that this kind of services is not present at all. Having addressed such proposal to several insurance companies we found and met with support and keen interest to this issue at Renaissance Insurance”. And, as a result, the landscaping object insurance program appeared at the insurance market.

We are proud that we became the first Russian company that created such service at the insurance market combining such things as beauty and reliability.

We are glad that almost all insurance companied appreciated our efforts and included landscaping objects insurance in their services package.

Insurance of the landscaping objects

The beautiful garden, well-organized and harmonious, is an integral part of the country house, and emphasized the personality of the owner, his/her preferences and style.

It is expensive and hard for the country house’s owner to create the original garden. The perfectly planned and improved plot of land attached to the country house is the end product of the painstaking work of the professionals specialized in landscaping.

In order to maintain the garden in a proper state and make it more attractive, the continuous and laborious handling and care of it is required. The relevant specialists will help you in it. But, unfortunately, Your plot of land attached to the country house may suffer from unforeseen situations and contingencies and the most painstaking and thorough handling and care may protect Your plot from such unforeseen situations and contingencies.

Insurance company is not able to prevent such events, too. However, we can meet a burden of the financial loss incurred in connection with the consequences of the said events.

The main questions:

What can be insured?

Insurance risks

How much does insurance cost?

General terms and conditions of insurance

Recovery of damage

Additional privileges and discounts

What can be insured:

Landscaping objects including

Landscape structure at the plot (arbours, patios, fences etc.)

Paths, grounds, retaining walls, terrace systems

Hard landscaping (benches, tables, swing etc.)

Rock gardens, parterres and flower gardens (including ground works to be performed for the purpose of their arrangement and the materials to be used)

Planting material (trees, shrubs, flower plantations etc.)

Other landscaping elements included in the relevant plot landscaping and improvement project.

Insurance risks:

Acts of God – whirlwind, hurricane, tornado, hail, cloudbursts, flood, earthquake being of extremely hazardous nature and unusual for this area;

Fire, lightning stroke, piloted aircraft or its parts crash;

Explosion of gas used for domestic and commercial purposes;

The third pasty’s deliberate acts aimed at the property damage or destruction, hooliganism and barbarous acts.

How much does insurance cost:

The base insurance tariff may amount at least 0.30% a year subject to the circumstances characterizing the extent of the risk and the specific features of the insurance object.

General terms and conditions of insurance:

Normally, the duration of insurance agreement is equal to one year.

The face amount stated in the insurance agreement is to be determined by the Parties to the extent of the value of the landscaping works indicated in the relevant Plot Landscaping and Improvement Project.

Recovery of damage:

In case of complete destruction of the insured object, the amount at risk (the amount to which the object is insured) shall be paid in full.

In case of partial destruction of the insured object, all the expenses incurred in connection with the object restoration to the state it had before the occurrence of contingency.

The insurance compensation shall be paid within 10 business days from the date of submitting all the documents necessary for determination of the extent of damage and the circumstances of its occurrence.

Complex works

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