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When constructing any of our objects we take into account all the technical and utility issues on order to ensure the perfect quality of landscaping works that prevent our customers from unnecessary anxiety in the course of performance of the works on the object.

We join and combine the work of different systems: electrics, drainage, rainwater disposal etc. For instance, most of our houses (according to our statistics, almost 75%) have no water export system from the roof. Lack of the system results in the loss of 30 to 40% of plants and inflicts damage on the object’s lawn.

We use automatic lighting control systems on Your plot. Do You want to turn on in the garden? You can do it using Your personal computer without leaving Your home. You are just driving up to the house but the light is already on in the entry. The technologies we apply allow us to do it ensuring maximum comfort to the object’s owners.

We ensure organizing and carrying out the landscaping works complying with all the technologies: proper placement of concrete, reinforcement of concrete box units, application of the special binding material etc.

When arranging park and garden paths we use the material with the lowest water capacity ratio (blue clay-based material), thereby releasing the customers from the view of the cracked and unaesthetic paths for many years.

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